Diet culture needs to be laid to rest

Manage all of the things you love while seeking balance and joy

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My program is a custom made macronutrient regimen which involves the calculation of exactly what your body needs for the personal goals that you have in mind.

My job is to guide you along this journey.

When I was in my early twenties, I began to bond with the idea of taking care of my physical body because I discovered the connection with the mind. At the time, I had been battling through a lot of emotional barriers due to big transitions in my life that brought me stress and anxiety. Getting a hold of my mental health by using approachable fitness measures brought me to the desire of managing my food intake. After finding out about my intolerance to certain food substances, I knew something had to change and that I was destined to manage what I ate in a much more sustainable way. I really wanted to focus on what I was fueling my body with, so I began to do research. What I found was that with balance, awareness, and accountability I could achieve anything I wanted.

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What You Get:

Macronutrient Assessment customized for your goals

Customized nutrition strategy

One on one coaching calls/emails with me weekly to discuss the week

Assessments, progress measurements and check-ins

Unlimited email and daily coaching support

What Our Clients Say

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About Erica Soutar

Certified Nutrition Coach

Hi, I’m Erica. I believe that diet culture needs to be laid to rest.
It’s exhausting to see the never ending online ploys that suck
many well intended people into frustration and failure. I myself
have crash dieted and experienced destructive behavior by
partaking in quick fixes that I thought would yield desirable
results. Now, years later, I am here to tell you that it is possible
to approach a strategy to manage food, weight loss, weight gain,
or maintenance in a wholesome and simplified way. You will
never have to give up your favorite foods or deprive yourself
from cooking things that you love. Rid yourself of the thought
that you’ll never be able to partake in certain events because of
the food that is being served. My program gives you the ability
to manage all of the things you love while seeking balance and
joy in your newfound ability of nutritional balance


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