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Diet culture needs to be laid to rest

Connect here with a certified nutrition coach to discuss your goals.


Fueled by food nutrition is a flexible dieting program that REALLY works. 
Losing weight and reaching your nutritional goals can be hard and overwhelming. Our program is built with YOU in mind to keep you on track with reaching your personal goals but also allows you to enjoy life along the way.  

Work with a certified nutrition coach to guide you along your journey to a healthier YOU. Instead of having google to rely on to answer your dieting questions you will be connected with a nutrition coach who has the proper knowledge and experience in the nutrition field. 

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Our Services

What You Get:

Macronutrient Assessment customized for your goals

Customized nutrition strategy

One on one coaching calls/emails with me weekly to discuss the week

Assessments, progress measurements and check-ins

Unlimited email and daily coaching support

Ready to take control of your health?
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12 Weeks 


6 Months 


One Year 


What happens next:

After you purchase a membership within 12 hours you will be emailed a questionnaire form to fill out. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don't receive within 12 hours. 

Fill out the questionnaire promptly and your coach will contact you with your personalized macros and get you set up with our app.

What Our Clients Say

Healthy Snack

My program is a custom made macronutrient regimen which involves the calculation of exactly what your body needs for the personal goals that you have in mind.

My job is to guide you along this journey.

Thank you for being here. I'm Erica, creator and founder of Fueled By Food Nutrition. I am here to teach you how to fuel your body with foods you enjoy and reach your nutritional goals at the same time. Dieting doesn't have to be hard and restricting and I am here to show you how to have a sustainable life long balance.

Erica Soutar - Founder - CEO

Real clients with real results! No diet pills, gimmicks or supplements. Learn how to properly fuel your body with the foods you love all while achieving your fitness goals!

Couple Cooking

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